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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 22, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> today on "fox news morning" possible hate crime. fbi is investigating stabbing death of buoy state university student on the university of maryland college park campus. presidential dip mromcy president trump prepares for a day of talk ever the middle east process during his visit to israel. take a look outside to prepare for a cool day. wet roads, slow commutes. showers expected to be off and on across the region throughout the day sadly. yeah, it's monday. but hey, good morning to you thank you very much for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> monday, may 22. >> michael thomas will talk about wet weather
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will talk about the commute which undoubtedly will be affected by the weather. what's the headline. >> steady rain for morning commute here. get ready for that later this afternoon. showers much more hit and miss, erin. >> 5:00 we have a crash 17 and constitution northwest and wet roads causing sluggish commute already we'll help you navigate the roads. >> thanks for both of you. first in the news this morning if you're getting up at 5 a.m. here's what's happening how search for fairfax county firefighter last seen more than a week ago and sharing the picture on the screen. 40-year-old brian wood went miss in the district may 14. d.c. police was last seen on easy street in northwest. he was not reported missing until this past saturday. if you see wood, please give authorities a call. >> 5:01 on top store dwli morning the deadly stabbing rocket campus at the university of maryland over the weekend. >> and deadly attack may be a hate crime fueled by race. live at college par
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details. good morning, mel. >> good morning, guys, and really just shock and sadness throughout the university of maryland community. graduation ceremonies yesterday the university president called for a moment of silence and yes, as you mentioned, fbi is now looking into whether this could be a hate crime. richard kol ipz the third was commissioned into the u.s. army following father's footsteps he should be graduating this week from buoy state his murder now a stunning loss. he was celebrating with friends at the university of maryland friday night on regents drive waiting for uber 3 a.m. saturday when the suspect apreached and police say she was screaming, drunk and told collins to step left. collins refused and was stabbed in the chest. >> and then he said to the victim, step left, step left, if you know what's good for you. >> the victim looked at him puzzled with the
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of his and said, no. it was then that shawn urbansky stabbed the victim in his chest. >> the young man his career was about to take off he was out celebrating his new commission and his life was taken that night >> 22-year-old shawn urbansky was arrested at the scene. strange he didn't leave at all he stayed around the bus stop where it happened. he is a university of maryland student and investigators found he is a member ever a facebook groupon line that is -- has been characterized as a racist group. fbi is now looking into that group, looking into whether there were any other activities online. those charges those possible hate crime charges still under investigation at this point. and live at college park i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> thank you for that. 5:03 is the time and today president trp p is move
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trip in office. >> while there trump is expected to push benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president to renew negotiations. on surprised, israel's cabinet met and approved a series of economic incentives for the palestinians and move is seen as a positive step. during that same meeting they declared jerusalem is always and i will always be capital of israel. palestinians want parts of jerusalem as capital if two state agreement is ever reached. many of netanyahu's government is against new talks let alone a long two-state solution. >> and u.s. military commanders have until may 31 less than ten days from now to submit plans for accepting new transgender troops.
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troops last year. it takes place july 1 and has education of transgender issues. thousands are on active duty now. they currently serve under unofficial don't ask don't tell policy which will be eliminated when the ban is lifted. >> police have not made arrests after the halocaust museum was locked down sunday afternoon. the lockdown lasted about an hour and was ordered after police received a report of sexual assault which allegedly happened in one of the mu museum's bathrooms. police stopped visitors from leaving the building to search for the suspect this is a photo taken by a visitor inside during the lockdown. >> today is the deadline to register to vote. that is if you want to mace your voice heard in next month's primary elections. eligible residents can re online at the department web site until 11:59 tonight and rej sner person at local registration office 5 p.m. and applicants registered by mail have to be post marked
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>> 5:05 is the time now and on monday it looks like we're paying the piper for last w week. right michael thomas. >> exactly right. unfortunately we'll pay them a lot. not just today but showers in the forecast as well as wednesday and thursday. kind miserable start first half. good news is looks like some of it is out of hereby the time for memorial day weekend which is what everybody wants. keep our fingers crossed. satellite and radar showing showers pushing through virginia and light, steady rain as you start the morning commute and get kids off to school. be prepared for that. time we get to the afternoon showers scattered about and hit and miss and not a washout this afternoon when very to to dodge showers time time. cool 59 starting in d.c.. 58 mannasas as well as dulles and culpeper and 55 this morning owe winchester and westminster and 59 frederick. again a cool showery start to the day here. here is the forecast for the day. lots of clouds this afternoon. temperatures do briefly bubble to 70s later
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cloud cover won't feel like it and later on again hit and miss showers continue. that's a check of the forecasts. erin is back this morning with traffic. >> time now 5:07 tracking a crash behind me. flashing lights in northwest constitution 17 street traffic getting by and watch for that activity. as we forward things along 270 southbound past father hurley boulevard increased volume southbound side. roads on the northbound side as well reduce speeds regardless of direction of commute this morning. volume headed to district building earlier than usual. get an earlier start use caution because of rain this morning. back over to the maps now. aside from that beltway through college park problem free to largo and no issues 50 from the bay bridge to inside the beltway. keep in mind if you skip the roads and we have safe track this morning still in place. no trains on orpth
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stations closed. limited shuttle service is available every 30 minutes and they also have express shut service for blue line. that should help you keep moving this morning again silver line impacted and that blue line shuttle service minnesota avenue stadium army capital heights shevly and landover should keep you moving. any questions erin fox d.c. on twitter back to you. >> thank you, coming up on on "fox news morning" drake out donna del at the 2017 am wards. >> and critical systems on international space station station failed. >> a live look from israel where president trump surprise expectsed to arrive in the next hour. it sem barking in israel this is welcoming ceremony at this hour. president trump on a nine day trip overseas visiting the three holy places saudi arabia and israel and vatican. more on vista broad when we come
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"fox news morning" back after this is all right back at 5:0 iraqi special forces say mission accomplished when it comes to reclmi
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it started sunday at down in the supportry second largest city. u.s. coalitions fight ago long side special forces despite victory by iraqi forces a small group still continues to fight between iraqi forces and government. >> and astronauts could embark on the space station to replace the computer. the computer failed saturday forcing crew to use a backup system. nasa says the station five member crew is not in danger. ought row nawts are from u.s., russia and france it's not clear which two will make the two hour space walk. >> fast moving wildfire burning in san diego county california started saturday and grown to nearly 1,000 acres. sent% is contained and they're attacking by ground and air. so far highway patrol closed several years and camp ground is evacuated.
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been determined. >> in surprise announcement pope francis is named five cardinals house, molly, sw sweden, spain and el salvador. his selections reflect the universal nature of the catholic church. churchmen will be installed at cardinals and at a ceremony on the 28th. >> record broken last night drake turn taking home 13 trvr hes in las vegas beating previous record held by odell. top artist, male artist and top billboard album of the year and tribute to late chris cornell and performance by celine dion and cher took the stage to too and she was there to accept the icon award. >> game four of nba western conference finals will be paid out without contribution of league mvp candidate. >> you have stheen video a sea lion grabbing a little girl and pulling her into the pool. horrifying
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on video. >> a live shot from israel as air force one is landing th there. president trump making first overseas trip already making news headlines with what's going on there. we'll give you a full rundown what to expect and what they're hoping to ash accomplishing while over there. there's the tarmac in israel where one just labted. he's expectsed to meet with netanyahu today to discuss middle east with the palestinians. already tensions though regarding that. 5:12 is the time now. 59 degrees outside. it's wet, people, take the rain gear as you head out. "fox news morning" after ♪ ♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat you make together.
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♪ ♪ narrator: "the time is always right to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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>> back at 5:14 top stories monday may 22 app 80-year-old man is charged with murder over a property dispute in norp virginia. spotsylvania county investigators say larry johnston shot and skilled a 65 -year-old neighbor yesterday
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fruit offer a property boundary. >> united nations security counsel ill plans to hold um enter consultations on the north korea missile test. closed discussion request the by united states, japan and south korea will take place tuesday. they say norm korea fired a medium range missile surp surprised. it appears close to the one earlier this year. >> acquitted of killing up armingd black men will be there today. they were put on unpaid leave after charmed for manslaughter for the shooting of terrence crutcher. shelby said she shot him out of fear because he did not listen to command to lie on the ground. prosecutors argue shelby over he reacted and crutcher had happened on his head. last week a jury disagreed and acquitted shelby. >> learning new details about the funeral of chris cornell. on sunday the singer body was flow to california.
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a private few ral was laid to rest and he died of suicide after the cop september at a fox theater in detroit last wednesday. >> san antonio spurs on the line for a break in aels. howie leonard is expected to miss tonight's game four in san antonio against the la layers. david lee will miss the game with partially torn any ligament. warriors can take the series with a win. >> let's academic with michael thomas and look at our monday morning. wet right now. fogy, dreary, this is not the monday morning you look forward tore but hey. >> what you see is unfortunately what you get. >> you have to make the most of it. clouds, drizzle. fogy haze. not justed t. past several days, at least through
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stormtracker radar showing light rain over tape the d.c. region and maybe a couple steadier patches through southern sakes of loudoun and portions of newark ear country as well and down through virginia heavier batch to the west of hart wood there. and another through st. mary country and charles county and calvert county dealing with heavier rain. rain jackets for all. this is moving south to north. maryland get ready headed our way. here we go again. wider view showing patchy rain coming down through the carolinas as well that works its way up here. general theme today. steady rain time to time and we'll get drier patches as we head into the afternoon. >> 59 cool start in wash washington. 55 west mipster. whip chester, 58 in mannasas and culpeper. cool start to the day. cold front moving in and warm front ahead
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it we hope to get to 70s later this afternoon and briefly and as we make aarr way to the afternoon showers waves of showers comeing across. again not the most beautiful moon around and sometimes we have to deal with it. quick look at the 7 day forecast. 75 today. 69 tomorrow. cloud and showers both days. we head to wednesday, showers possible. showers and thunderstorms possible on thursday as well. let's check the forecast airport is back with traffic. >> definitely per this monday morning best advice to you get early start. this is 66 sutly road eastbound crawl ago long 29 in gainsville to 28 centerville. heavy volume. factor in the time. 95 northbound as you head fredericksburg to stafford. courthouse road we have slower traffic because of rain. volume increasing earlier than usual. get early start and have pati
5:19 am
beltway inerin outer loop slower bw parkway. be careful there. as we move over to maps. keep in mind macarthur you're blvrd so close water main break northwest repairs at q street between reservoir and foxville road. questions erin fox d.c. on twitter, maureen and holly. >> let's look at stories you'reen gaming with most on social media. >> hey, wiz. >> good morning to you both. first lady mel ania trump getting praise from saudi press for outfit choices and arab be newspaper calls her style classy and conservative. she refused to wear a head dress. >> u.s. will not add names of 74 u.s. sailors killed in 1969 ship accident in the vote nam them orial. sailors died in collision with ought trailian aircraft during vietnam war. surviving members pushed for department of defense to add the
5:20 am
they won't be added because the accident happened outside of the combat zone . >> also this morning the families of 9/11 victims are outraged as show time hit show hit billions. part of the season finale was shot in front of the memorial and using that location as hollywood back drop exploits the sacred ground. others disagree saying it keeps memory of victims alive and is symbol of recovery. >> sports news now, law bron james may be out of the running this season but still being honored by nba. last night lebron james is four time nba, mvp some of his best work is off the basketball court. 2015 he had a full college scholarship for students in a mentorship program. >> finally a young girl got quite a scare in camden. footage shows horrifying mome
5:21 am
off a pier while sitting on the edge. tourists were feeding the animal breadcrumbs while swimming in the harbor a man jumped in to rescue her. that's scary. he was able to lift her to safety. sea lion did not reappear. expert say sea lions are highly intelligent and typically timid in nature. >> wow. >> scary right. >> you can imagine i can not. >> no. >> wow. >> okay. >> she's okay. >> glad the guy that jumped in is okay. >> yeah. >> thanks, wiz. >> coming up on "fox news morning" one of the most popular grossy stores in mid atlantic coming to the disstrpingt. >> been about five years. >> and massive recall could impact the memorial day cookout this weekend. >> a live look at the tarmac in israel where air force one landed minutes ago president trump is expecteded to meet with i israeli prime minister
5:22 am
netanyahu starting negotiations and as you look there that is prime minister benjamin netanyahu with his wife ready to meet president trump and enterage. they're making first foreign trip there from the office of the white house. that's a nine day trip. expected to yield some promising results with middle east leaders. again, benia min netanyahu ready to meet president truthp as air force one landed. more after the break. in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with,
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>> back at 5:00, 5:24 one of the top grocery stores is coming to d.c. wegman's will on in the fannie mae building in wisconsin avenue
5:25 am
muriel bowser made the announcement while at a convention in las vegas. that's expected to open in 2022. company is expected to open residential and office space. >> head man in charge of ford motor company is retiring. late last night it was announced ceo is leaving company after 28 years. fields will be replaced by jim hackett she joined in 2013. mark feels help leading to turn around a decade ago president of american division and auto maker stock price has fallen 40% since fields became ceo. >> if you plan to fire up the grill memorial day weekend more than 200,000 pounds ever hot dogs are recalled. ready to eat from johnmerel may contain metal in the pack amounts, nathan skinless beef franks and nathan beef fravrpingz and three xlaipz
5:26 am
middle, you can return them for a full refund. >> 5:25 speaking of the memorial day weekend weekend. i know the week doesn't look great but does the long range forecast call for a nice holiday weekend, mike. >> so far it's looking pretty good. maybe a popup storm on sunday. but as far as saturday goes eye lot of people -- how about sunshine. not a bad start. we have not looked ahead to monday yet. we'll get there tomorrow. hopefully good warm on the way. fingers crossed. satellite and radar showing showers. steady light rain for morning commute. grab umbrellas as you head out the door. temperatures opt cool side. 59 reg nap and dulles 58 and bwi 57. planner today clouds and showers becoming more hit and miss in the afternoon. thaiz check of the forecast. erin is back with traffic. >> 5:27 we showed you wet crowded roads in virginia and same in maryland
5:27 am
you go southbound to clerks bark heavy mess off volumes. slow moving outer loop coalsdale road. 95 to georgia avenue. metro on time except for safe track. back to you holly and maureen. >> coming up on "fox 5 news morning" a staple of college basketball in mar march is fired. >> game whipping shot with six second remaining hem claim game three of eastern conference type always. >> a live look across the d.c. region on this soggy monday morning. it's okay. we still feel like 24 carat magic is in the air always here on fox news movrjt don't go anywhere. we have more to share on the other side. 59 degrees. back after this
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natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy. >> today on fox news morning possible hate crime. fbi is investigating stabbing death of buoy state university student on the university ever maryland college park campus. >> and presidential president trump gets ready for talked about middle east process during his visit to israel and packing patience, morning driv guaranteed to be wet and slow thank to the rain out outside. "fox news morning" starts right now. >> good morning to you thank you four joining us i'm wisdom
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>> today monday, may 22. >> erin como is talking about the wet commute and michael thomas talking about the wet weather. good morning. >> good morning, wisdom. you got that right. clouds and showers today and next several days. full details coming up erin. >> macarthur you're believed shut down: as well as wet sluggish commute. >> thank you very much. we'll check back in a few. >> 5:30 here are today's top stories. we begin with a mystery where is fairfax county firefighter. take a look at screen. 40-year-old ryan wood went missing in the district last seen on easy street north west back on may 14. wood was not reported missing until a week later, may 20. police say he was last seen wearing a white tank top and blue pants. >> developing this morning the fbi is joining snreetion deadly stabbing that happened over the weekend at the university of mar under. >> they think it may have been fueled by race. leave live in cm
5:32 am
details. good morning, mel. >> good morning, guys, university of maryland students graduated yesterday weekend of celebration punk waited by sock and sadness. now fbi is investigating whether second lieu ten apt collins' murder was indeed a hate crime. richard collins iii was commissioned into the u.s. army following father's footsteps. he should have been grabbing that later this week. his murder now a stunning loss. >> he was going places going places and he had high aspirations to achieve all of the goals he set in his military career and we are just devastated his life was taken away with this senseless act of violence. collins was celebrating with friends at the university of maryland friday night and they were on regents drive waiting for you beener 3 a.m. saturday and suspect approached and police say he was screaming and possibly
5:33 am
left. collins refused and was stabbed in the chest. 22-year-old shawn urbansky was arrested at the scene and he and university of maryland student found he is in -- of a racist facebook group. right now fbi is looking what else urbansky could find online and checking into possible hate crime charges for now urbansky remains under arrest he's charged with murder and assault. "fox5 local news" . >> 5:33 now and this is a live picture coming to you from israel. president trump just arrived in there country. latest stop on first foreign flip office. and again live look from israel this morning air force one touched down in tel aviv 25 minute ago and president trump will take part nay welcoming sayre moany. you saw benjamin net up yahoo. there during his visit he is expected to
5:34 am
minister and palestinian president to renew negotiations there's are mounting questions about what specific steps president trump is hoping to see from both sides. now, on sunday israel's cabinet met and approved a series of economic and to move the scream as positive step. prime mipster netanyahu claimed jerusalem is and always will be the capital of israel. again we're awaiting the president to come off air force twlun arivering in israel. i also believe he will be the first sitting froze visit western wall while there. we'll continue to follow this throughout the morning. >> 5:34 is the time now. we continue to follow the latest into fbi director co comey. he's scheduled to meet with overnight committee jason jacobs than ia
5:35 am
he was set to investigate into russia. meanwhile "new york times" report the foreign secretary firing comey relieved a lot of political pressure he was under with investigation into election medaling. "fox news sunday" rex tillerson in the officialal office forever the meeting say those comment were misinterpreted. >> my take away was not that point at all. he was simply saying to the russians these issues at home won't get in the way of my effort and effort of my government to see if we can find a way to move this relationship forward. several top democrats are convinced and requesting white house provide all documents with the meeting from russia foreign secretary for them to review. >> it was unwelcomed reception at the university of notre dame. mike pence was asked to talk there. dozens of gradte
5:36 am
and talked out. earlier this month betsy due vos was heckled during her he speech and as stlupt turned their back to her. >> i'm hop order to become a wild cat. >> 5:36 is the time now. rain. in present and future. >> unfortunately we're paying for what we had last week. >> or maybe we are putting a down payment on a great weekend we'll have. >> we'll hope for that. >> hopefully. >> so far looking good. you know whether he all right let's look what is going on outside. winds calm. not most pleasant start to the day in washington. sat line and radar shows shouringz through virginia steady light rain across d.c. and much of northern virginia and southern maryland as well showers are moving from south to north. so, it does seem push up through montgomery, howard, and maryland northern counties for the
5:37 am
tuesday forecast in d.c.. showers today and tomorrow much cooler day. cloud and showers are likely. that's a check of the forecast erin como certain back to check you. >> good morning, mike, that's right we have a new crash outer loop little river turn pike. inner loop is small and blocking right shoulder. mess of police lights outside of the camera view there. sluggish conditions outer loop baingt little river turnpike, really heavy traffic. really typical for 35:37 in the morning. because of rain people leaving early. 20 minute delay 29 gainsville to 28 centerville. metro is on time except for safe track. >> erin fox d.c. on twitter. >> coming up reserveers say they found a positive healthy use for the zika virus. >> tonight city leaders in rockville
5:38 am
your environmentp the. >> a live look in israel. mayor force landed minutes a ago. discussing restarting middle east peace negotiations with palestinians. time now is 5:38. 59 is temperature outside. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ pro-tip. get these great smoked ribs. twenty minutes on the grill, they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what? the best food at amazing prices, giant.
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great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] great everyday prices and thousands of bonus buy savings. my giant.
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>> that's 5:40 now time for health watch on monday. good news out of the zika virus believe it or not. british researchers are set to pest whether virus can fight brain cancers. it causes severe birth defects in unborn fetuses by attacking developing stem cells in the brain but doesn't have affect on fully developed adult braipz. researchers believe they can use it to attack cancer cells similar to developing brain cells. >> annapolis could have a new police chief by the end of day. scott bake kor have the gig full time. he'll go before city council today. takes majority of votes to approve the mayor's nomination. baker has been serving as acting police chief since february. >> by now it should be routine. if are youot
5:42 am
your seatbelt you could be pulled over. "click it or ticket" cam pain kicks off across the country. it's effort to make roadways safer as summer season gets into full swing. if safety doesn't motivate you to comply maybe money will. maximum ticket more than $100. >> rockville a strot ban smoking at outdoor restaurants is expected tonight. city council meets at 7 p.m. to consider ordinance rockville could be the second city in maryland and first in metro d.c. area to enact that policy and in 2015 council voted to ban it in marks, remember centers and other facilities. >> all on board you get my vote. >> if i can vote twice i'll do that too. >> one of the country's most deck ratesed olympia apps say he has no plans to return to competition. >> a virginia woman charged after buying a novelty
5:43 am
clock for her daughter. >> as we head to break a tarmac in israel there is president trump on air force mel ania there at the welcoming ceremony with benjamin netanyahu and his wife wife. they're expected to study peace negotiations with the palestinians and first born trip. four president trump. since he became elected and there they are listen together national anthem. they just set into the israel this monday morning. >> 5:43 the time now. 59 degrees. "fox news morning" back after this this
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ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war.
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and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. (counting for hide n' seek.) ready or not, here i come. ♪♪
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making it a reality is the hard part. northrop grumman command and control systems always let you see the complete picture. and we're looking for a few dreamers to join us. ♪ ♪ all right. time now is 5:46. mapic monday. with mike thomas. >> yes. >> i was thinking this song and rainy days and mondays always get me down by karen carpenter. >> evenlyer one works. >> nonetheless we need rain. and t
5:47 am
out hope for 408 day weejd. >> we have holiday weekend coming up. everybody wants it to i dry. >> pools opening. >> things are looking up by the time we get to friday and saturday. several days here and clouds and showers. >> we have to work anyway. >> everybody has work. >> always good on the weekend. >> if you will be inside might as well have the showers outside. that's what we have today. cloudy, cool, showers, today, wednesday, thursday, as well it's a long first half of the week here. temperatures on cool side to start, 59 washington and gaithersburg to 66. good morning leonardtown in the 50s as well. annapolis is happening on to 60 degree reading as well. generally speaking a school start to the day. satellite and i ray shore showing showers. steady rain out there at the moment. plan -- we will have several ways
5:48 am
future cast:30 this morning showing showers still con ing iting to come up tloo d.c. and baltimore. things more scat saerd we'll have dry spots and sun out to the west. here in d.c. we're poingly cloudy most of day. couple showers around and continued into evening for hop-up showers here and there. heading to tomorrow, clouds certainly. we start the day off dry. into the afternoon mostly dry. but showers start to move back in as we head to evening ho hours. we're watching nats game kicking offer at 7:00 tomorrow night. could be arraign around for that. skaerted showers during the afternoon and again steady rain out there now and this afternoon hit and miss. into the evening a few showers outta there and staying on the cloudy side. temperatures this evening at 61 degrees. the forecast shows four days of clouds and showers around. good news, friday, sunshine is back, 7.
5:49 am
zip trip friday by the way. saturday and sunday temperatures returning for 80s in time for the pool to open. >> 5:48 several charges and slow downs this is a car in the wrong direction. outer loop we have a tow truck there and crash blocking right shoulder and lane. traffic getting by in left laipdz. watch for slick spots. w have a crash 177 s st. southbound between constitution and north west. you can see rain and slick conditions. watch potential for hydro plane and rain causing slow downs. moving over there and showing you police activity in southeast, this is 3900 block of answerp avenue. plotting questions erin fox d.c. on wirt wisdom and holly. >> jury
5:50 am
>> jury is accused of drugging and molesting a team manager in 1984. it was essential he said and he doesn't expect to testify. he faces possibility of ten years in prison if convicted. last year he helped to clear his name and return to his standup comedy cish. dozens accused koz pi of drugging them and raping them in past years. >> "fox5" is following a developing story they need help of a man that asexually assaulted a woym if her home. 1:30 a.m., 900 blocked mundson road in green belt he got in the through unlocked window no first under and he applied he had a gun and assaulted her and took off sglem police trying to -- police called in shots fired 6900 block of blair road. police came out
5:51 am
people tried to rob a tack oat awellness certainly. no one was hurt. >> using a hoax fire bomb scheduled to appear before a judge today. davy page said she bought a novelly return block and sticks of dine mit with her daughter. and inen ricoh county they levs what we call is a bomb. officers swarmed parking lot and used bomb robot to determine the device is a faikt. after five hours where duress cue page. >> it was veil on the market if it's legal to sell why shouldn'ting it be legal for me to have tvrments i feel stupid having spent a tlar on a stupid plaque at a yard sale. >> because of severity of the charge page was not granted a bond. all right, we'll r we're fog a developing story in the world of college baseball. long time towson university baseball coach
5:52 am
har fired. he was informed he would not be returning. gotgleeb will be with the season they findished 20 in 34 this season saturday with a 42-whip over norm carolina wilmington. >> sports now. more sports. celtics cavaliers, game three, eastern conference finals cleveland blew up boston in the last two weeks and celtics were given a two point lead on the forth avery bradley for boston coming off the pick. takes the jumper. it's a three. hits the rim. bounces and rolls in. game winning three. boston celtics takes game three 111-108 calves lead series two to one. >> worried. >> not at all. >> time now 5:52 let's look at stories engaging
5:53 am
>> maureen is standing by with the realtime news tracker. >> president trump surprise trending for language he used in his speech to arab leaders in saudi arain way he talked touch about terlism and warned them their days are numbered saying if you choose the path of her tore your life will be empty and brief and your soul will be foully condemned. he also implored arab leaders to stamp out terror group and led them out of places with worship. he did not use words radical is lambic terrorism. he claimed he plagiarized parts of graduate thesis. sir david clark is strong supporter of president trump and hopes to work for the department of homeland security. he attended naval school in monterey california and clark's 2013 thesis filed attribute sources 47 times. sheriff clark denies claims
5:54 am
and says the reporter who broke that story is a sleaz back. >> pip amiddle ton is waiting for the craneth worthy speak. broom's campaign prepared hippa as a dog and referenced her fame i e us derriere among other comments and gilingt were not amused. it went over like a lead balloon and wept into the wedding toast hall of fame. >> michael phelps says he's hping happening up the -- he implied he might go back to competing but during an appearance at the special owe limb ticks over the weekend fell ms said it's time to move on. finally this moving che re proffering she has it. in last anything to's awards she belted out believe and if i can turn back time rocking a sheer silver outfit with nipple pasty s and wowed the crowd in one of her most famousut
5:55 am
black sheer number if i can turn back time video she put it back on. she received billboard icon award. if you got it, still nrawnt it. >> i know right 71 and nipple pasties. >> no. >> okay. >> thanks, mo. >> before you throw out anything you own you should check to see if it's worth something. a woman from england had a $26 karat cushion diamond from the 19th centsry bought it for $10 aat a plea parkinget wore it every day she never knew the diamond's jal ubl she didn't know it was true. it's worth 404,000 now the owner is giving it up for cash. >> and they'll auction off the diamond in july. >> find investment for $10. >> that's a good return. >> time to say good morning. facebookan
5:56 am
joan oswald says he loves fox5 and start watching every morning 4:257. we love you early morning viewers at 11:00. >> she above the "fox5" crew and wants us to do a i zip trip crew. for your chance to be fine of the day post a picture below this one >> love who you want, love who you want. >>[m:ly] toing on shades. >> no, i was pointing out a dallas cowboy shirt. there's lots of cowboy fans. we want all viewers. >> he watches 4:25 with them and she brought up the fact that zip trips she would l liking to have them. we start friday. we need good weather by then. >> friday best day of week it looks like. good news, joan we lover you thank you for watching this morning. stormtracker 6 shows showers in the d.c. region. kind ofen even offer day with clouds
5:57 am
around. "fox5" forecast smoing four days of rain and sunshine back by friday. erin is back with traffic. >> wet roads, several charges 5:56, outer loop facing wrong direction little river turn pike and caution wet roads we'll deep you update the on that. questions erin fox d.c. twitter. we'll be
5:58 am
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>> straight ahead at 6:00 a senseless murder at the university of maryland now being investigated as a possible hate crime. the new evidence the fbi has on this case. >> and also air force one touched down in israel less than a hour ago president and first lady a warm welcome in tel aviv. >> man, if you peeked outside it's probably raining where you are. live look outside monday morning may 22 and rainy start to the workweek and only beginning of what's to come leading up to memorial day weekend e hopefully peter as the week progressing, good morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm seif al-islam gadhafi. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> let's get to tucker barnes to talk about the reigns this morning. >> allison that right we're getting rain out early to improve it later in time for the memorial day weekend. rain shower activity in parts of the area coming down. and we'll have rain with us for much o


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